Welcome... We are in Waltham Lincolnshire. UK


Welcome to My UK UFO cam Page! This webcam is Live and set up in our back garden. We put this up after many strange things being seen on my other cams around my garden and drive, This cam is facing east over my house. We are in a small village called Waltham and we are about 15 miles from the wind turbines that were damaged by a UFO one night in 2008 there has been loads of UFO sightings in this part of Lincolnshire,we live very close to two churches - one has a grave yard 


Things we have seen on our cam in the last year UFO strange craft that move in to view and just sit there ? Strange lights ! Rods ( skyfish ) you can see them on any night come and go sometimes in large groups Ghosts (strange floating light/ mist clusters) large white Orbs Float into view small Orbs  float past !! Just look and see for yourself !!